Love “in the Flesh”

Love incarnate.  Love “in the flesh.”  That’s what Jesus came to bring us at Christmas.

That’s why the best way to convey that love to the world is “in the flesh.”  And that’s exactly what took place in my congregation last weekend.  For the ninth year in a row, we sponsored a living “Journey to Bethlehem.”  The whole church is converted into a walk through the history leading up to and immediately following the birth of our Messiah, Jesus.  From the prophecy of Isaiah to the annunciation to Mary, to the birth in Bethlehem, to the raging of Herod and to the arrival of the wise men.  Guests had the privilege to hear and see and smell and touch the story delivered by real people portraying the various biblical characters.  The resounding response from the 1000+ who attended over the 3 nights of the Journey was “WOW!”  They were touched by the “reality” of the message.  Faith took on sight.  Some were even moved to tears of joy.

I thank God for the 100+ members and friends of our congregation who acted “in the flesh” to convey the truth of Christmas in vivid reality.  The excitement of those who were involved was clear.  Not only did the event bless those who traveled the journey, but it had a huge impact on those who made it happen.

The Biermann Family at the "Journey"

The Biermann Family at the “Journey”

What a great picture for ALL our relationships.  Love that has the greatest meaning is love that is incarnate … “in the flesh.”  We can read about someone’s love for us, we can hear about it over the phone, we can see it in an image over the internet … but the most profound expression of love takes place in face to face, breathing body, speaking lips, smiling face, hugging arms, incarnate form.  That’s what Jesus came t0 show.  That’s what Christians continue to show as we live out our relationships in God’s way.

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2 Responses to Love “in the Flesh”

  1. Heather Biermann says:

    What a blessing it was to “journey” with my family again this year!

  2. Bruce Trevithick says:

    It was just as incredible this year as it has been for the last 9 years! Thank you to everyone who has continued their commitment to this important program.

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