The “Biermann Brief” 2014

Each year I compose the “Biermann Brief” as a summary of what’s been happening in our family over the past year.  God is truly abundant in His blessings.  Writing this “Brief” helps us remember that.

Many of our regular readers comment on how they look forward to reading the “Brief” each year.  It seemed fitting to post a link to the “Brief” here so you can join us in thanking God for His gracious gifts.  If you’re not interested in our personal news, that’s fine.  Don’t open the link.  But, I encourage you to reflect over the year and consider how God has blessed you.  You may think that the bad has been much greater than the good.  Yet, in the midst of the darkness, don’t forget the shining Light of Truth … that Jesus is the Light who has brought us eternal life.  This gift is greater than any evil the world can throw our way.  It’s greater than all our doubts, fears, worries and troubles.  Keep your “Thumb Up” to Jesus at this Christmas time.  His coming into our midst gives us a reason for joy, thankfulness and hope.  May that Light brighten your day as at has ours.

So, without further ado … here’s the link to  •   THE BIERMANN BRIEF   •  for 2014.  Enjoy it if you like.  Or, just join us in thanking and praising God for the gift of Jesus!

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