Does the Pope Support Gay Marriage?

By Catholic Church England and Wales

Photo by Catholic Church England and Wales

The media was all astir this week because the Vatican released some comments that sounded supportive of gay marriage.  Liberal forces in the media are so eager to proclaim that “the church” is supportive of their views that they will take ANY word of conciliation as total support.

The Vatican was quick to respond that such whole -hearted support of gay marriage is not the case.  The cardinals expressed that the comments flow out of  a preliminary discussion.  Consider also this quote from Josephine McKenna of the Religious News Service on Oct. 15, “A day after signaling a warmer embrace of gays and lesbians and divorced Catholics, conservative cardinals hit back strongly Oct. 14, with one insisting that an abrupt about-face on church teaching is ‘not what we are saying at all.'”

Regardless of what comes from the Vatican, God’s Word on marriage and love has not and will not change.  Marriage is and always will be the lifelong union of one man to one woman.  AND, God loves ALL people, even those deceived by Satan into relationships that are contrary to God’s will.  That’s why it’s so important for us to speak God’s truth about marriage.  We want those trapped in such lies to be free so they can experience the full joy of the Lord now … and for eternity.

Give a rebellious sinner an inch and he’ll take a mile.  Nothing new with that.  But, we still must continue to speak the truth in love.  God’s way for marriage between one man and one woman has not changed.  God’s love for sinners remains.  Our job of making both truths known continues.  That’s why we uphold the FULL message of Life in God’s way!

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