Life in God’s Way – Bible Study 5

Incarnational love.  What’s that?  It’s hard to even say it.  What it simply means is that God teaches us to love people “in the flesh.”  We are to care for the physical well-being of others.  Jesus did it to perfection.  And, because He did it, Jesus now forgives us for our failures in this way.  Jesus also guides us on how to better show INCARNATIONAL love.  We turn now to His Word.


Life in God’s Way … A Bible Study

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Biermann


Read Matt. 1:23

1.  What’s significant about the physical birth of Jesus and His name “Immanuel?”

2.  In what ways does Jesus use physical, INCARNATE action to show His love during His earthly ministry and still to us today?  (See Mk. 8:23-25, Mk. 6:41, Mk. 10:15-16, Matt. 20:18-20, Lk. 24:38-40, Matt. 28:19, Lk. 22:19-20)


Read Matt. 28:20

3.  In what ways is Jesus still with us “in the flesh” yet today?

4.  What comfort do you, personally, receive from the INCARNATE love of Jesus?


Read John 15:12-13

5.  What is the ultimate way that we can love someone “in the flesh?”

6.  Following the example of Jesus, what are other ways we can love one another INCARNATIONALLY on a regular basis?


By Neil Lathwood

Read Eph. 5:31-32

7.  In what sense does INCARNATE love play into the marriage mandate for a husband and wife to “become one flesh?”

8.  What does St. Paul say about the importance of sexual union between a husband and wife in 1 Cor. 7:3-5?

9.  Jesus never united with anyone sexually, yet Eph. 5:32 indicates that He fulfilled the marriage mandate perfectly in His “one flesh” union with His bride, the church.  What does this teach about the ways in which a husband and wife are to express their “one flesh” love?  How does this open the door for us to show INCARNATE love, as Jesus did, in ALL of our relationships?


Read 1 Cor. 10:16-17

10.  How can sharing in the Lord’s Supper with someone draw us together in INCARNATE love?


Apply the insights of this lesson to your life.

1.  How have you failed to show INCARNATE love to those around you?

2.  What actions can you take to better show the INCARNATE love of Jesus in all your relationships?

3.  How are you staying in a “one flesh” union with Jesus Christ and how is this a comfort to you, especially in light of your failures at INCARNATE love?

4.  What comfort does the INCARNATE love of Jesus give to you as you consider your pending physical death?


Pray:  Jesus, my INCARNATE bridegroom, thank you for loving me “in the flesh.”  Forgive me for failing to care for the physical well-being of those around me.  Lead me to love others “in the flesh” as you have loved me.  By my physical care for others, may I show them how you care for their physical well-being now and forever.  Amen.

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