A Teen’s BEST Friend

Teen life is challenging.  This is especially true when it comes to wading through the raging waters of developing hormones and growing interest in the opposite sex.  Sadly, heartbreak is often a big part of this process.  Attempts at dating often leave one or both parties confused, frustrated and hurt.

That’s why it’s SO important for teens to get their relationship priorities in order.  First and foremost, they need to hear again and again that they are loved PERFECTLY by Jesus.  He is the perfect “husband” who loves them as his chosen “bride.”  He sacrificed Himself for each and every one of us.  On Good Friday, this truth is made vividly clear.  He chose to die on that cross out of UNCONDITIONAL love.  The jeers, flogging and crucifixion didn’t stop Him.  His love for us is unconditional.  It led Him to give up His flesh on the cross in perfect INCARNATE love.  The love between us and Jesus should be at the TOP of our “relationships” list.  He will NEVER let us down.  He will NEVER reject us.  He will NEVER force us to do things that will hurt us in the end.  He will NEVER cast us aside when something better comes along.  PLUS, He will ALWAYS listen when we cry.  He will ALWAYS forgive us when we mess up.  He will ALWAYS direct us in a better direction.  He will ALWAYS stick by us no matter what.

For a teen who’s struggling through relationships, it’s good to know that our NUMBER ONE relationship with Jesus is CONSTANT!  It’s PERFECT!  No pressure to wear the “right” clothes.  No pressure to “fit in” with everyone else.  No pressure for bad behaviors.

The One who rose on Easter gives us the hope of rising to a fresh start each day.  In His perfect, forgiving love, life goes on … even after a lousy boyfriend dumps you … even after the cruel girlfriend embarrasses you … even after you let yourself down and do something stupid.  Teen life is much more bearable when Jesus remains our top relationship priority.  Good Friday and Easter prove His perfect love!

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