Super Supper

The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of the Altar…no matter what you call it, this gift from Jesus is precious. It gives us free forgiveness of our sins and strengthens our faith. It unites us with our Lord, Jesus, in a mysterious physical union. It could be easy to take this gift for granted since we receive it regularly. However, it never loses its power. Our eternal Lord and Savior, Jesus, gives it His eternal power.

Recently I had the privilege to give the Supper to a young boy for the first time in his life. His empty, outstretched hands were small, tender, supplicating. The look in his eyes was one of wonder, awe, humility and hopefulness. It was my delight to be able to give him such a precious gift that brought immediate joy to his face. He realized he had just had his first taste of a feast that would last for eternity.


In the past three months I’ve also had the privilege to give the Supper to six members of my flock for the last time before they left this earth in death. Each one received the gift with the same wonder, awe, humility and eager hopefulness. Although they’d received the gift countless times during their walk of life on earth, the Supper never lost its power for them. It gave them the strength they needed for life, death and the entrance into paradise where they are now receiving nourishment from Jesus face to face.

From the first to the last, the Body and Blood of Jesus in His supper is powerful. In fact, as I consider that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, I must boldly say that the Super bowl is NOTHING in comparison to this Supper. It is the Super Supper that gives us the ultimate victory over sin, death and hell. There’s NOTHING more SUPER than that!

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2 Responses to Super Supper

  1. Mark Evans says:

    Well said Todd, the true and tangible connection to our Lord and Savior. Will always remember my first communion given by your Father at Our Savior in Gladwin.

    • Todd Biermann says:

      Good to hear from you, Mark! Thanks for sharing that remembrance from Our Savior. Will share it with Dad. He found great joy in sharing the gifts of the Lord in Gladwin. God bless!

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