It’s amazing how awesome a little warm sunshine feels after a long cold and dreary spell. Today it’s already 45 degrees out and moving up into the 50’s. Pretty incredible for Michigan in the winter. I took our dog, Toby, for a walk and we both enjoyed soaking up the warmth. Sunshine seems all the warmer after the cold.2014-07-13-07-56-15

The same is true for so many who are living in the cold spiritually. Either they’ve never known the warmth of the Son, Jesus, or they knew it but have been away for so long they’ve forgotten His warmth. What a privilege we have to be able to shine the warmth of the Son upon them. Some may still reject it. Just like today, there are many who’d rather not walk outside. They’re too busy. They’re too tired. They’re too worried about something. They’re…missing out. But, for those who allow the sun to shine on them, it’s a gorgeous day. It warms the bones and the soul.

Don’t hide from the Sun! Let His rays of grace shine full upon you. Hear His Word of love FOR YOU! Receive His baptismal blessings FOR YOU! Feast on His Supper FOR YOU!  All His awesome gifts WILL shine through the cold darkness and warm you through and through.

Then, reflect that warm Sonlight to the world. There are many who will delight in the warmth after the cold!

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