Joyful Glory!

Just after Christmas my family and I were able to get away together for a few days. We stayed in the charming little community of Shipshewana, IN. It has a large Amish population that still uses horse and buggy to get around town, even when the temperature is hovering around zero degrees…impressive.

I very much enjoyed seeing the GLORY OF GOD in so many ways on this trip. A simple way I like to define “glory” is to say that it is “God’s holiness revealed.” Whenever you see something that SHOWS you how awesome, wonderful, gracious, caring and loving God is, then you’re seeing a glimpse of His holiness. You’re discovering a bit of GLORY. Of course, Jesus is the GREATEST revelation of God’s holiness that gives ultimate GLORY to God!

While we were enjoying a delicious soft pretzel at “Ben’s Soft Pretzels” in Shipshewana (MORE ABOUT THAT NEXT WEEK), Heather and I were discussing her intent to post on Facebook every day in 2018 a picture that shows the GLORY of GOD. She shared how it brings her JOY when she catches these glimpses of GLORY. And, when she receives this gift of JOY, she wants to help others SEE it too and bring more GLORY to GOD! As we discussed the plan with my dad and other family members, we helped Heather settle on her theme for the year… “JOYFUL GLORY!” When we see the GLORY of GOD it fills us with JOY. When we’re JOYFUL, we’re motivated to share God’s holiness with others…revealing His GLORY! Then, others will also become JOYFUL and give GLORY to GOD. Life is, indeed, to be filled with JOYFUL GLORY!

"Joyful Glory" by Heather

“Joyful Glory” by Heather

I encourage you to FOLLOW HEATHER’S posts on her FACEBOOK PAGE (CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT). It’ll delight her to share JOYFUL GLORY with you all year long. And, it will give a big “Thumbs Up” to Jesus as our greatest source of GLORY and JOY!

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  1. Kelly says:

    How often do we walk through our days… weeks… lives not taking the time out to appreciate or acknowledge the joyful glory God gives us. Thanks to both of you for the reminder.

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