Teaching God’s Way

This week I started teaching another online class for the Masters of Family Life Education program of Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor. So far I am highly impressed by the character and faith of my nine students. It’s great to hear their stories of real life and how God is using them to pass on His awesome love to others.

It’s reaffirming to hear that the instruction found in my book, Handing Out Life, is relevant to the lives of all who read it…both personally AND professionally. I give the glory to God since all I do in my book is point people to what He has to teach us about relationships. His way is always perfect and will always bless those who are willing to walk in it.Handing Out Life Cover

The thing that stands out to me most whenever I teach a class like this is our common need for free forgiveness and a fresh start in Jesus. Without His grace, we would all have to give up in hopeless despair. We ALL mess up our relationships regularly. But, since our first relationship is with Jesus, we are always able to be forgiven, renewed and re-energized to go back out and love some more.

Please do me a favor. Please pray that my students and I will grow closer to Jesus and His awesome love through this course. Then, pray that what we receive we will be able to give in overflowing abundance for the blessing of the world we serve. Thanks for the prayers!

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