I saw headlines like this when I searched “September 23” today…

  • Conspiracy theorists and doom-mongers predict the world is ending
  • Stars are set to align on September 23 which could fulfill a Biblical prophecy
  • The outlandish theory will see ‘worthy’ Christians lifted by Jesus into heaven
  • The Revelation 12 Sign theory says Leo and Virgo will unite to bring the ‘Rapture’ 

Are the stars going to align in some special way on September 23? Sure!

Am I going into a frenzy of preparation for Jesus to come and take me home that day? No!

That is, I’m not going to do anything different than I do every day. I’m going to start every day with my “thumb up” to Jesus. I’m going to thank him for free forgiveness and the CERTAINTY of eternal life with Him as a free gift. I’m going to live with joy in my heart because I don’t need to fear His return…on September 23 or whenever He chooses to come.

Then, I’m going to live out all my relationships on earth with the same zeal to share the love of Jesus while I have time. I’m going to do all I can to love my wife and family so much that I keep them focused on Jesus as well. I’m going to encourage my fellow believers in Jesus to keep their eyes on Jesus for forgiveness, peace and purpose every day. I’m going to be open to every opportunity the Lord gives me to guide another person to put their trust in Jesus while we have time.

Could the world end on September 23? Sure!

Should we change what we’re doing because of it? NOT if we’re already living with a “thumbs up” worldview focused on Jesus first. And, if you’re not living that way already, NOW might be a good time to hear more about it. I wouldn’t even suggest you wait until September 23.

Photo by Søren Storm Hansen

Photo by Søren Storm Hansen

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