VBS Waves

This week has been awesome! I’ve been able to celebrate the love of God, our Maker, along with nearly 400 children and staff members in Faith Lutheran, Grand Blanc’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) program. The excitement has been palpable as the Holy Spirit has filled this place to overflowing.


It certainly wasn’t the numbers that made this week so powerful, but it was the unbridled faith that was so evident. The children were eager to hear about the love of Jesus. They were uninhibited in singing His praises. They were eager to serve in Jesus’ name. They clearly want to give a “thumbs up” to Jesus and put Him first in their lives.


One great example of this attitude of putting Jesus first was a group of children who helped to make more “Faith Stones.” These are small ceramic “stones” that are taken out of the building and shared with a world that needs the blessings of faith in Jesus. Over the past year, nearly 2000 of these stones have been taken, literally, to the ends of the earth. With members crying out for more stones to share, we asked some VBS students if they’d be willing to help make more and they replied with an exuberant “YES!” Thanks to this extra help, many more stones will soon be ready to go. These stones will be “cast upon the waters” of the world to make more WAVES of Jesus’ love! That’s an example of what has been so awesome this week at VBS. That’s giving a big THUMBS UP to Jesus!


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