Wartburg Castle with Hannah

For Hannah’s 18th birthday today we were able to visit the Wartburg castle. Martin Luther stayed here for 11 months and translated the New Testament into the common German language. More were able to hear the wonderful Good News of our free salvation in Jesus. Hannah thought it was a great way to celebrate her 18th by being able to go through the same passages Luther did…in a castle and in God’s Word.

Thank you, Lord, for Martin Luther and for my daughter, Hannah; both followers of true life in your way!

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  1. BruceBaker says:

    Just discovered this delightful travellog on my new magic phone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH from the Scotch/German/Polish Elder,Bruce Baker. A fantastic way to turn 18 traveling w/ such knowledgeable guides. ENJOY! ABSORB! Thank you Martin. Thank you Jesus!!!

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