Let’s Talk Male & Female

Heather and Todd speaking at the "Let's Talk Male & Female" symposium on Feb. 11

Heather and Todd speaking at the “Let’s Talk Male & Female” Theological Symposium of the LCMS Michigan District on Feb. 11, 2017

Heather and I had the privilege to speak at a Theological Symposium for the Michigan District of the LCMS in Lansing, MI this past Saturday. The theme for the symposium was “Let’s Talk Male and Female.” Four keynote addresses (with Q&A) covered various aspects of our identity as male and female. Special consideration was given to many current perspectives popular in society that run counter to God’s plan. The focus for the talk given by Heather and me was on the way in which God’s plan for marriage gives us identity, purpose and joy in all our relationships.

You can see a video recording of the entire seminar (our presentation starts at 4:47:45) on YouTube by CLICKING  HERE or entering this link in your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4V_W0qJyQk

Join me in praying that all people can see that God’s plan for sexual identity, marriage and relationships is the ONLY plan that gives us lasting freedom, purpose, hope and joy. In God’s plan, Jesus is the focus. Jesus gives us perfect love. Jesus guides us through life. Jesus forgives our failures. Jesus gives us a joy that cannot be contained.

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  1. BrendaB says:

    Looking forward to seeing this, Pastor!

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