Time Well Spent

I recently finished teaching an eight-week online class for the Family Life master’s degree program of Concordia University, Wisconsin. It was a VERY tiresome task in the midst of all my other responsibilities, especially in the season of Advent. There were times during the class when I caught myself asking, “WHY am I putting myself through this? Am I just a glutton for punishment?” But, in the end, I’m so glad I did it. The feedback from my students at the end of the course made it all worth while. They really grasped the concepts of life in God’s way as summarized in my book Handing Out Life. They all expressed their eagerness to utilize what they’d learned to better serve the needs of marriages and families. I’m thrilled that what I passed on to them from the Lord will now have an exponential impact in the world as each of them will pass it on to countless others.

To celebrate what God was able to do through this course, let me share the following beautiful testimony from one student (used with permission)…

“This course has been wonderful both professionally and spiritually. Reading Handing Out Life affirmed and strengthened so much of what I already believe and know. This was extremely refreshing and encouraging. Going through Marriages & Families was also encouraging because I found that there are many facts given through secular forces that do in fact support what we believe and teach biblically. All too often in the world it feels as though Christians today are standing alone, when really, whether unbelievers like it or not, there are statistics that actually line up with Biblical teachings. Knowing this has fortified my beliefs even more. Overall I have been challenged to take a closer look at my own priorities and relationships on a deeper level spiritually. I have been thinking more about what I can do both in my personal and professional life to show that perfect love Christ offers for us. Where am I going to make changes that will help me and those around me grow in Christ’s love?”

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod


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