Terrific Tuesday

This past Tuesday was a terrific day. NO, it wasn’t because of the elections in the U.S. It was because my son, Micah, turned 16 that day. It was a terrific day to celebrate God’s grace in giving me an awesome son who has grown into a mature, wise and caring young Christian man.

I don’t take any of this for granted. For one, Micah could very well have died at birth. The doctors said there was a strong probability of this since he was 3 months premature and had multiple complications including a 2-pound birth weight. But, in spite of the obstacles, to the amazement of doctors, nurses and parents, Micah not only survived, but thrived.

Also, over the years, there were times when this little boy showed the tenacity that enabled him to survive his premature birth and it wasn’t always a pleasant experience for those around him. You know, that “strong will” thing. Yet, his mom and I didn’t give up. We prayed for patience and guidance. We relied on the Spirit of God to shape that strong character into a mighty force for good. And, we have seen that happen in beautiful ways.

As Micah has moved into the teen years, we’ve continued to have some differences of opinion about how things should be done. It amazes me that my own offspring is the type of guy who is much more comfortable working at the wire than working far ahead on tasks. Drives me nuts! SO, I’ve had to learn some new lessons about respecting the way others work…since it turns out just as well most of the time…and often with less stress. Amazing! Dad has actually been learning some valuable lessons from son.

Most of all, I will never take it for granted that Micah has a heart that is clearly controlled by the love of Jesus, his Savior. Micah cannot tell a lie. He naturally seeks to help others. He feels terrible if he hurts someone. He is quick to seek forgiveness and to grant it. He longs to serve the Lord and share His love. I know these things are NOT by chance and NOT because Heather and I are such wonderful parents and NOT because the world has been such a positive influence on Micah. I attribute these things to the amazing grace of God and work of the Holy Spirit who entered Micah’s heart when I baptized him at 2-minutes after birth.

Tuesday was terrific. “Thumbs up” to Jesus for making Micah the 16-year old he is. I can’t wait to see what the LORD will continue to do in and through this young man of God who so often amazes me. As the name Micah Joshua (that’s his middle name) declares, “Who is like the LORD? The LORD saves!” Amen!

Typical Micah...supporting his sister.

Typical Micah…supporting his sister.

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