“Lows” & “Highs”

I just spent about two weeks moving through the process of having a car “totaled,” settling with insurance and then finding a replacement used car. It has been a time-consuming, tiresome, frustrating and sometimes infuriating process. At some points, I could hardly sleep as the whole process was consuming my mind and emotions. Many of those days gave me lots of “Lows” to share as part of our daily family “Highs and Lows” time before bed.

Photo by Nathan

Photo by Nathan

At the same time, there were many “Highs” to report. No one was injured in the car accident. No traffic tickets were issued. The police officer, tow-truck driver, car shop reps. and insurance personnel were all very kind and receptive to hearing some words about faith in Jesus. Failed attempts to find the right used car still opened some good interactions about my faith. In the perfect time, God provided the right car in the right place at the right price.

Looking back, I realized how often I miss the daily “Highs” that are right before me because I grow so used to having them. A day without a car accident. A day of peaceful sleep. Time to focus on my “to-do” list. A regular schedule with family meal and prayer times. All of these are so regularly given to me by God’s grace that I take them for granted.

I hate to say it, but sometimes I really thank the Lord for the “Lows” that help me see the “Highs” and truly appreciate them. It was such a delight to find my replacement car that I came home to Heather and had her join me in the “happy dance” to thank and praise the Lord. Had I not lost my first car I would never had enjoyed such a delightful moment of clarity and joy.

I pray that you will be able to appreciate the “Lows” that God allows your way. Then, open your eyes to see the “Highs” that will stand out all the more clearly by comparison. Finally, celebrate the grace of God in Jesus that never gives us more than we can handle but always gives us the right balance of “Lows” and “Highs” to keep life exciting!

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  1. Carl Petzold says:

    Great perspective and example of living with a joyful heart in all circumstances! In the same appreciation of the high because of the low, I’m often reminded of the sweetness of the pure Gospel, but usually only after the Law points me back to Christ and His free gift of forgiveness. I’m glad that you’re on the road again! Give thanks to the Lord always for He is good!

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