Sorrow Over Terrorism

This week I heard the terrible news about an 85-year-old priest in Normandy, France who was beheaded by radical Islamic terrorists while he was conducting mass.  Such news just makes me shake my had in sorrow. 1060036272_542ca84edf_z

NOT sorrow for the priest.  Actually, I rejoice with him that all his sorrows are now over and he is celebrating at the wedding feast of the Bridegroom, Jesus.

NOT sorrow out of fear.  Terrorists like this can’t intimidate those who have total protection of their souls from the almighty Lord and Savior of the universe, Jesus.

NOT sorrow at potential loss of my own head.  Terrorists may remove my head from my body, but they can’t take away the head of my life, Jesus.  I’ll be united to Him for eternity.

Sorrow…for the terrorists.  They’re so terribly deceived by the great Deceiver Satan that they think these actions will earn them some great reward.  In truth, these actions are only one more sign of the sin and guilt that afflicts us all and that will lead us to eternal destruction in hell apart from grace in Jesus.

Sorrow…for the billions of people still in their sins.  In truth, any who have not received the free gift of forgiveness from Jesus as a gracious gift are no better off than these terrorists.  You don’t have to be a terrorist to find yourself in hell.  Many “good” people will be there too.

Sorrow…for the billions that Satan will claim as his prize.  Terrorists and all others who continue following the great Deceiver Satan in this life will spend eternity in the next life along with Satan…in TRUE terror apart from Jesus and His love.

With such tears of sorrow in my heart and on my cheeks, I pray for the courage to speak of Jesus and His free salvation all the more loudly.  I pray that every believer in Jesus will confidently proclaim and show the love of Jesus for all to hear and see.  I pray the Spirit will fill us with courage that will never be deterred even in the face of those who will threaten us and try to take our lives.  In the sure joy of our eternal victory, let us keep our “Thumbs Up” to our ever-living head, Jesus!

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2 Responses to Sorrow Over Terrorism

  1. Jeri Steward says:

    Thank you so much for addressing this issue. These horrible acts weigh heavy in my heart. As you said, not for those that follow Jesus, but those that do not. I pray for all of the Christians that are under attack. Regardless of the future, I stand with Jesus!

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