Easter…in the Flesh

Easter is the most important day to our faith in Jesus.  On Easter, Jesus rose in the flesh to show that He had conquered death completely.  Death and hell could not hold Jesus down in body or soul.  He is fully alive with a real body.  In the flesh, He continues to rule the universe.  In the flesh, Jesus will return on Judgment Day to raise every human being from the dead…in the flesh.  All those who have received the gift of free salvation from Jesus will rise to live with Jesus in heaven forever…in the flesh.  Those who have rejected Jesus as their Lord and Savior will rise to spend eternity apart from Him in hell…in the flesh.

Our physical bodies are very important.  God made them wonderfully in His image.  He promises we will rise from the dead with perfect bodies in His image.  That’s why we also value the flesh right now.  We care for our own bodies.  We care for the bodies of others around us.

This is the reason why incarnational love is so important in marriage and every other relationship.  This kind of love cares for the physical well-being of others.  It sees them as beautiful beings made in God’s image.

Jesus-Easter-ResurrectionEaster is a time to celebrate that Jesus is alive in the flesh.  A great way to honor Jesus is by loving others in the flesh.  Give a hug.  Share a meal.  Commune together.  Eat some chocolate (my personal favorite)!  All are ways to enjoy life with the ones we love in the flesh.  Then, look forward to rising from the dead with those who claim Jesus as Savior to enjoy eternity together in the flesh.  That’s the AWESOME JOY of Easter…in the flesh!

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  1. Pam maust says:

    beautifully said Pastor. I always will love your Easter messages and miss hearing them in person. A blessed Easter to you and your family.

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