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Due to the wonderful generosity of a new friend, Heather and I now have a new logo for our Life in God’s Way ministry and this website.  Below you’ll see the logo in both “black and white” and full color.

This new design reflects some important things about our ministry.  The “Thumbs Up” at the start shows the importance of having our relationships in the right order according to the “Thumbs Up” illustration (Jesus on top, all human relationships after that as represented by the other fingers).  Directly after the thumb is the word “Life” to reflect that having a proper “Thumbs Up” worldview leads to true life now and eternally.  A proper “Thumbs Up” perspective shapes every aspect of life.  Of course, such life is possible because of God’s guidance, power and grace.  Thus, “God’s” stands out as the most important word of the title, furthest out in front in the logo.  Apart from God, healthy relationships and true life are not possible.  But, in God’s way, all relationships prosper even to our eternal relationship with Jesus.  The word “way” at the end is de-emphasized by its location and lower case.  It simply indicates that life in God is an ongoing process that requires a continuing walk with God.  This ongoing walk with God is also emphasized by the “swoosh” that flows from “way” back to the “Thumbs Up”.  Life in God’s way is a “circular” process that requires us to continually return to Jesus at the top of life.  The “Thumbs Up” points our eyes to Jesus as the one who forgives our relationship failures and gives us a fresh start to life again.  As we walk on through life, trying to live in God’s way, we will fail.  But, the grace of God in Jesus renews and refocuses us.  Starting with Jesus gives us the joy and inspiration to continue living life in God’s way.

That’s the thinking behind the logo.  Hopefully, it’ll be catchy enough without any explanation to prompt people to take a second look.  And, prayerfully, it will draw people to learn the meaning behind the logo and the way to true life in God.  Please pray that the logo will serve to that end.

If you have any comments or other feedback about the logo, I’d love to hear it!

Live in God's Way7 bw
Live in God's Way7

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