Video of “Thumbs Up” to Relationship Priorities

A key concept of Life in God’s Way is the “Thumbs Up” illustration for prioritizing relationships.  It’s a SIMPLE, MEMORABLE and CHRIST CENTERED way to remember what God teaches about keeping our relationships in order.  In the VIDEO below, you can see me share the “Thumbs Up” illustration.  I entreat your questions or feedback.

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6 Responses to Video of “Thumbs Up” to Relationship Priorities

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  5. judy says:

    Hi Dr Biermann, the video above is not available.
    You mentioned (meeting with the Bolivian group) that you used the Faith Legacy Steps; is that your own curriculum or do you use the KIds Kount curriculum?

    • Todd Biermann says:

      Judy, so sorry to take so long to answer back! I’ve been overwhelmed since, but hope to become more regular here now. Our Faith Legacy steps are based on the material from Kids Kount with a bit of adaptation to fit our context. Sorry that the videos aren’t accessible. I’ll look into that. God Bless! Dr. Biermann

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