Our trip to Peru was wonderful … filled with blessings from the Lord.  The new relationships will surely last a lifetime. The gifts left behind will certainly continue to bear the fruit of new and stronger relationships in God’s way.  The sites and sounds are committed to pleasant places in my memory.  The time with Heather was fantastic.  Still … it’s good to be home.

Home is where we daily draw on the sustaining power of God’s promises as we study His Word and pray to Him faithfully.  Home is where our love grows through daily nourishment on God’s love.  This is the reason we travel to Peru and everywhere else we go.  We go to build up strong homes filled with the love of Jesus.  Yes, it’s great to have a foreign “expert” come and share some new insights that intrigue and excite.  But, even better, is to be led to God’s endless blessings that can be received in the Christian home every day.  Our prayer is that our new friends in Peru will continue to drink in the water of life that comes only through the Word and love of Jesus.  Our prayer is that those who are receiving such love in Peru will share that love with everyone they meet and lead to a multiplying of marriages and relationships in God’s way.  Our prayer is that the same will happen in our home and the homes of faithful Christians throughout the world.  May HOME be the first place each day where we are growing in the joy of life in God’s way as we feast on the gifts of Jesus.


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