For the past week, our family has been incomplete.  Our son, Micah, has been spending time with relatives in Nebraska.  He’ll be gone for another week.  This has definitely left a hole in our family.  Yes, I know this is good preparation for the day when both our children will “launch” from home to face the world on their own.  We’re praying they’ll do that someday, following the path God has in store for them according to His perfect plan.  Yes, we know that’s the plan, but it’s still not easy.

Nobody said following God’s plan would be easy.  Acting in love is NOT going to be easy.  Doing what’s best according to God’s will is often against what we want … what feels good.  But, God’s way IS always best in the big picture.  This is true in ALL of life.  Not only is Micah’s absence a good lesson in preparation for his future launch from home, it’s also a good lesson on taking the higher path with God.  When you go God’s way, it’s ALWAYS the best way.

Photo by Mike Allyn

Photo by Mike Allyn

We may say this time in Neberaska is for Micah’s sake, but it’s also a good learning time for Heather, Hannah and me.  Maybe it can be a good reminder for you, too.  Following God’s lead isn’t always easy.  It can often leave us feeling incomplete.  That’s part of the lesson.  Apart from God, we are ALWAYS incomplete.  But, as we walk in His way and draw closer to Him, we become more complete in the way that really matters.  It will train us for the day when we’ll receive PERFECT completion in Jesus’ presence in heaven.  And THAT is the point of every step we take and every lesson we learn as we continue to live life in God’s way.

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