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Have you ever doubted yourself as God’s servant?  Am I being faithful?  Are my efforts worthwhile?  Does anyone care?  I’ve certainly had doubts and fears along the way with the efforts that Heather and I have been making to build up marriages and all relationships in God’s way.  I keep telling myself that my doubts are just Satan trying to stop something that he knows is really good.  But, the doubts still arise.  That’s why it’s really great to get some positive feedback along the way.  It shows the power of what we hear in Hebrews 12, “… surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, ….”  I thank God for the “cloud of witnesses” who recently gave me some great feedback and encouragement.  Last month I led a one day seminar for church workers of the Nebraska District LCMS.  I shared the principles of Life in God’s Way and provided resources for sharing the material with others.  The positive feedback has been tremendous.  I’ve shared some of the survey comments below.  Never doubt the power of positive feedback and encouraging words.  You may be the “witness” God is using to support one of His faithful servants.  As we all continue to do this for one another, many more will be led by our words and actions to the JOY of life in God’s way!

  • I was very pleased to see a biblically based, thoroughly Lutheran marriage seminar, yet one that can be presented in an engaging style … . I plan on using it in my congregation and community next year.
  • Excellent information. A couple of us in our circuit are already working on presenting this seminar as a cooperative effort among the churches of our circuit – hopefully in September of next year.
  • This was an excellent seminar.  I’m already visiting with a couple of members to see if they can help me do a marriage retreat this fall.
  • Well worth the time and cost to attend! Thank you for this valuable resource.
  • This was an awesome workshop.  We have already scheduled two marriage retreats for 2015.  We are going to meet following our 8 AM Sunday service and go to 2 P.M.  Our entire staff will take a part of the presentation.  We hope to make this marriage ministry a part of the lifeblood of this congregation.  I appreciated not only the content but also how well the material was packaged.  We are going to require premarital couples to attend one of these retreats.  I am [interested] in the materials he is working on for teenage youth.   Our entire staff went home excited about this ministry.  I appreciated the fact that the cost was low enough for our entire staff to attend.  If you have more workshops in the future we will be there.  Thanks.
  • Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited greatly.
  • This is a very good resource. A few of us in our circuit are already talking about how we could pool our resources to do a multi-church, multi-pastor version of this for a circuit couples’ retreat.
  • I was very impressed. I’ve been wanting to do something like this in the past, but haven’t felt confident enough with the resources I have to do it.  Now I think I have a leg to lean on with this high quality material.  Thank you for the offer.  I’m extremely glad that I didn’t pass it up.
  • I enjoyed the seminar, thought it was helpful and planning on using a few of the items for our pre-marriage class here at church. Thought the illustrations were helpful.
  • This was a wonderful seminar that I greatly appreciated and look forward to using these materials within my congregation!
  • I would offer Pastor Biermann’s marriage seminar as a seminar for church worker couples—not so that they could lead other seminars but so that they could invest in their own marriages!
  • Thank you for hosting this seminar.  It has been used by God for my wife and I to invest in our own marriage more!


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