Defending Humanity

Although I provided a summary of our Panama trip last week, there were a few comments we received that are worthy of further consideration.  One was by Rupert, the pastor who translated for us.  He said our message had a profound impact because we were modeling “One Flesh” love in all that we did as a family.  We truly cared for each other in a way that people could SEE.  Having heard and seen so many hypocritical speakers, his people are skeptical toward such “experts.”  But, his people responded with enthusiasm to our message because it came from REAL people.

Our host, Edilberto, backed up this sentiment as he said we were more than just a good family, we were “a good team.”  Comparing us to other teams he had seen and hosted, he was struck by how well we lived together in Christian love ALL THE TIME.  This touched him and lent weight to our message in Panama.

It was the combination of our teaching God’s Word together with LIVING it in the flesh  that was noticed by many others in Panama.  The evaluations from the couples’ seminar expressed this loudly.  I was really struck by this one comment,


That’s a pretty impressive evaluation!  I’m humbled to have someone respond to our message this way.  But, I’m not surprised.  I agree completely!  When we understand God’s way for marriage and follow its guidance in ALL of life, we WILL be defended from Satan’s attacks that seek to destroy us and our relationships with others, especially with Jesus.  Life in God’s way IS a trustworthy DEFENSE for humanity.  Following God’s Way as revealed by Jesus, we’re able to enjoy a taste of the wonderful life God intended for us when He first made us.

Joyfully Living in God's Way with our  "Thumbs Up" to Jesus after the Singles' Seminar

Joyfully Living in God’s Way with our “Thumbs Up” to Jesus after the Singles’ Seminar


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