Panama Mission

Next Wednesday, March 26th, my family and I will be traveling to Panama City, Panama for a week-long mission trip.  We’ll be working and staying with the director of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Panama, Mr. Edilberto Mendez Mora.  Our primary tasks will be leading seminars on relationships in God’s way for singles and couples.  We’ll also be visiting the Lutheran Hour Ministry Center and take part in their work in the local schools through the program called Project Joel.  On Sunday, March 30th, I’ll be preaching for worship with the members of Emanuel Lutheran Church.

We’re excited for this opportunity to encourage the members of the ministry team in Panama and to give them tools they can continue to use long after we’ve departed.  We’re also thankful for the opportunity to teach many Panamanians about the abundant blessings of living all our relationships in God’s way.

Please join us in prayer for safety, health, good connections with everyone we meet, the work of the Spirit in the lives of all who receive our presentations and the ongoing work in Panama.

We hope to bring you all along with us virtually by posting on this blog-site.  As long as we have access to the internet, we’ll try to post regularly.  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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