Relationships Rule!

Several years ago I received this wise reminder on how to approach work in the church:

“In business, we build relationships to do work.  In the church, we do work to build relationships.”

This has always been helpful to me … when I can actually live by it.  It’s so easy for me to slip into the thinking that I must “get my work done.”  I have to remove things from my task list if I’m going to have a “successful” day.  This week, again, I fell into that mode.  I was becoming very frustrated by the many conversations that kept interrupting “my work.”  But, then the slogan above came to mind.  I sought forgiveness … and received it freely from Christ.   I then welcomed those interruptions.  With a better attitude, I had some EXCELLENT interactions with several people.  Much was accomplished to build some great relationships in God’s way.  Jesus remained the focus rather than ME trying to prove my worth with what I removed from my task list.  I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted to do, but God accomplished what HE wanted to do in and through me.

This concept is so important in the big picture of life.  Much of the work we do will not be remembered beyond today.  However, when we build relationships with others that strengthen our relationship with Jesus and draw others into a relationship with Jesus, then we’re building something of eternal value.

In a world filled with bombers and blasts that take lives in the blink of an eye, it’s crucial that we never forget the value of relationships.  Most of all, we need to keep directing each other to a saving relationship with Jesus.  Now THAT’S something worth WORKING on.

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