Life OUT THERE in God’s Way

Photo by Sonny Abesamis

Photo by Sonny Abesamis

So often we confine our expression of faith within the walls of the church building or, if we’re a little edgy, in the walls of our home. But, my experience of late has shown that we’re surrounded by a world that’s EAGER to learn more about anything “faith” related. This was made clear last Tuesday when I attended a happy hour for a local realty company at a microbrewery. I went as a friend and guest of the lead realtor. I had no “agenda” such as planning to “save 10 souls” or anything else of my making. I just went with an open mind, an open heart and a hand reaching out with the true love of Jesus. This was about my 5th time attending one of these happy hours. Just like the other times, I was overwhelmed by the number of guests who wanted to ask questions or chat about spiritual matters. They were not at all offended by my honest words of faith in Jesus. In fact, they were eager to hear more. I was delighted by what the Lord was doing through me as I was handing out life.

Also with me this week was a friend from church, Ryan. This was his first time attending. It was a thrill to see his wide-eyed expression of delight over how friendly and open everyone was. He had several faith conversations of his own. His excitement on the way home couldn’t be contained. He was filled with the joy of having the love of Jesus flow through him to others. I was filled with the joy of my own interactions as well as the joy of seeing Ryan experience a taste of the same.

I challenge you to go OUT THERE wherever you can in this big world and simply be open to share the love of Jesus. Look for opportunities to talk about what your faith means to you. Tell others about the joy you receive from the Lord of life and love. As you pray for open hearts and open conversations, you’ll be thrilled by what the Spirit WILL do…in His way and in His time. It is an awesome privilege to be able to live OUT THERE in God’s way.

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  1. Jan Thomas says:

    Thanks, Pastor for the encouraging message. I do find it difficult at times to know when and where to be a disciple. However, when I hesitate to speak, I have experienced the Lord speaking through me….words that I could never have said in my own. It gives me such joy because the Lord uses me even when I am not eloquently prepared. So here I am, Lord, use me!

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