Photo by Moyan Brenn

Photo by Moyan Brenn

For the past five weeks I’ve been teaching an online masters level class on “Marriage and Family” for Concordia University, Wisconsin/Ann Arbor. I’m using this post as a way to commend my ten faithful students. Every one of them is trying to maintain an incredibly busy schedule while also taking this eight week class. It’s clear they have a strong passion to help marriages and families improve. Otherwise, there’s no way they’d subject themselves to such a grueling schedule. Their level of commitment is incredible. It’s obvious the Lord is blessing them with stamina and balance as they are seeking to serve Him well.

I’m also thankful that these students are practicing what they’ll be preaching. They’ll be teaching couples and families about the importance of commitment. Good relationships don’t just happen. They take committed effort. My students certainly understand the need for commitment and will be able to encourage those they serve to practice it.

Those of you reading this blog are probably saying, “Man, do I know about busy schedules and the need for commitment!” You’re probably someone who’s committed to serving the Lord well and fostering strong, committed relationships. If so, I commend you as well! Do not be discouraged. The Lord sees your struggle to use His time well. He WILL guide you, strengthen you and bless you in the effort. Your relationships will thrive and you’ll lead others to thrive through commitment to Jesus.

Thanks for your commitment! I commend you!

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