The 3 R’s

Photo by urban_lenny

Photo by urban_lenny

You may have heard someone refer to “The 3 R’s: Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.”  I’m proud that my son, Micah, has put a new twist on “The 3 R’s.”  Like all of us, he’s struggled with temptation.  In particular, it’s challenging for him to stay focused on his school work and resist the temptation to do…almost anything else.

Last week Micah shared with me a plan he devised to overcome temptation in many aspects of life.  He said he likes to think of “The 3 R’s: Recognize, Resist and Refocus.”  It’s been helping him a lot to RECOGNIZE when he’s being tempted.  To stare Satan in the face and say, “I know you!”  Then, to RESIST the temptation.  To say, “Get behind me, Satan!”  Then, to REFOCUS on something productive, worth-while, good and God-pleasing.  To say, “I’m living God’s way.”

I’m really impressed that Micah came up with this plan on his own initiative.  I’m even more impressed that he’s following through with it.  I’ve seen the difference.  He’s making a genuine effort to stay on task with his work.  He’s resisting temptations in many parts of life.  All by the grace and power of Jesus.  Even though it doesn’t fit with his “3 R’s,” I know it’s there.  He also uses prayer to Jesus through the whole process.

I shared Micah’s “3 R’s” with someone else facing temptation this week.  The response was, “That’s great.  Do you have a pen so I can write it down?”  I owe Micah my thanks.  He’s helping me do my job while he’s staying better focused on his job…and God’s receiving the glory!

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